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Exchange of know-how


It aims at establishing and consolidating two-ways relationships between UFG and its partners, by exchanging experienced staff . Institutional “linkage” between UFG and other European research Institutions, therefore, should be reinforced. These activities are planned also with the objective of leading to the enhancement of formal agreements for future collaborations.


The recruitment of experienced researchers (similarly to secondments) will be performed in a strictly connection with the R&D Agenda elaborated within the IRU (and with the guiding and supporting effort of the Steering Committee). Leading researchers will be hired to spend periods of about 12 months at the UFG. In total, during the project, 10 annual positions for researchers with, at least, a Ph.D degree and solid experience in the topic of bio-energy will be provided. For two years, each of the 5 Research Teams involved in bio-energy research activities will take advantage of at least one experienced researcher. Attention will be paid to cover interdisciplinary research topics to take the most common benefit by the recruited researchers sharing their knowledge and scientific contribution as much as possible among the different research Teams. In order to improve the set-up of the “facility centre” and the testing of the newly equipment purchased with the project budget (particularly with respect to the biogas and pyrolysis pilot plants), the recruitment of 2 annual position (12 months each) for well experienced technicians is also planned.